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#500 5 Overlooked Tax Deductions for Small Businesses

Author: Matthew Taylor

Filing taxes, for most people, is confusing and intimidating at best. But for small business owners, the process is akin to a lobotomy. Most mom-and-pop business owners are aware of the common deductions for small businesses, such as office supplies and technology, and business conferences... see more

#499 How Much Do You Know About 401(k) Fees?

Author: Ethan Williams

Saving for retirement through a 401(k) plan sounds simple enough, but a lot of people are still unaware of all the fees associated with this retirement plan. Remember, a 401(k) plan is a retirement savings contribution provided by an employer. Each paycheck an employee receives has a portion of t... see more

#498 How to Minimize Taxes on 401(k) Withdrawals

Author: Jacob Jackson

You've invested in a 401(k), made contributions for decades and are ready to withdraw. But now you're having to pay taxes on what you're taking out, effectively reducing your nest egg. What to do? Here are several ways to minimize taxes on withdrawals.Convert to a RothOne of the easiest wa... see more

#497 Will Hulu And Netflix Replace Cable?

Author: Jacob Jackson

The ease and accessibility of online video and streaming services poses a threat to the cable industry's standard model of television programming, making strategic competitors out of third-party broadband sites. Long-time cable customers are ditching their providers and turning to the internet fo... see more

#496 7 Weirdest Things You Can Buy With Rewards Points

Author: Ethan Smith

Delve into the world of rewards credit cards and it becomes easy to see how enough points can pay their way toward heavily discounted (and sometimes, totally free) amenities like airfare and travel costs, gas, groceries, gifts and even cold hard cash. Take advantage of rewards po... see more

#495 The 4 Essential Elements of a Retirement Plan

Author: Matthew Taylor

To ensure you have enough money to live happily after you stop working, be sure to maximize contributions, diversify your savings and keep track of all your assets. Understand how different income s can affect your Social Security benefits, and make a schedule for post-retirement distributions th... see more

#494 4 Reasons Why Americans Retire in the Dominican Republic

Author: Michael Smith

Many Americans have looked at overseas destinations for retirement living. With a lower cost of living, better climates and more hospitable locals, many locations outside the United States provide better retirement options.The Dominican Republic, for example, is a great retirement option t... see more

#493 Airline Ticket Prices: What a Difference a Day Makes

Author: Matthew Harris

It's not too early to start thinking about summer. For the best prices, book domestic tickets starting about three months from your departure date or five months ahead for international travel.When to FlyThe main question now is when to fly. Suggestion: Don't just pick a week or two and sa... see more

#492 Top 7 Mistakes To Avoid On Your 529 Plan

Author: Andrew Harris

Investing in your child's education is one of the most important things you can do for your child. A 529 plan enables you to start saving early – the earlier the better - so you can allow the money you invest to make more money for you and your child. But, there are some pitfalls you must avoid... see more

#491 10 U.S. Cities You Don't Need A Car To Visit

Author: Matthew Taylor

Ask almost anyone returning from a tour of the great cities of Europe what they loved most about their trip and you'll hear, We walked everywhere! Often followed by the lament, Why can't our cities be like that?While it's true that the majority of American cities don't have the pedestrian-... see more

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